The importance of good posture.

posture-picture.jpg” Never slouch as doing so compresses the lungs, overcrowds other vital organs, rounds the back and throws you off balance” —Joseph Pilates.

A good posture is a good habit. It means that we all have to work at our posture. You my ask “Why should I worry about my posture?”, well to say straightforwardly, poor posture can lead to chronic pain and in the long-term to irreversible damage in your muscles and bone structure. Some might not know this, but even things that sound as sinisterly medical as Scoliosis, a three-dimensional abnormality that occurs when the spine becomes rotated and curved sideways, are things which are often born out of postural issues. The way we move is often a reflection of who we are, lifestyle choices can take a physical toll and even personality traits can be clear in the way we carry ourselves.

Good posture is vital for our breathing.  The breath is one of the most important natural rhythms of the body and can play a vital role in the health and well-being of every physiological system and psychological state of mind. However, sometimes this natural process can be interrupted by stress, injuries, illness which can affect the way we breathe. If the breath is trapped, restricted, or underused good posture cannot happen. We can lose our flexibility, strength, resiliency and mobility of the spine and joints.

Poor Posture (bending forward, backward or sideways) invites distorted, restricted, shallow breathing and can be a host of other problems.  If the spine is incorrectly balanced, your muscles need to work harder to keep your body upright. “Lazy” posture also causes your upright structure to collapse in some places, like a poorly constructed building, and that in turn can  cause lower back pain, headaches, chronic low energy, shortness of breath among others.

The Pilates Method and Integrated Movement Therapies make posture a priority by balancing the body and distributing the normal physical stresses of standing and moving among the appropriate bone and muscle groups.

Why is it important to pay attention to your posture:

  1. Good posture looks and feels great
  2. Puts less pressure on the joints
  3. Saves your knees and hips
  4. Helps you feel younger and better with age
  5. Helps you with balance
  6. Keeps you body flexible and mobile
  7. Improves muscle function
  8. Radiates an attitude of confidence
  9. Allows us to move efficiently
  10. Allows us to breathe deeply and fully

Does it sound good to you? One way to find out is to try it out !

With Love,