I took pilates with Kathy for the first time. Pilates with her taught me to embrace and know my body on a more intimate, personal level. The flow of the movements, the slower pace, it took me out of my head and into reality. It was my calm down from work and stress. It was a blessing to find the balance I had taking classes with Kathy. I now recommend everyone I know to take at least one class!


Hi, Just want to let everyone know that Kathy is a beautiful person and an excellent pilates instructor. When I was taking my instructors training, Kathy acted as a Mentor to me. I spent a lot of time with Kathy, she was always so helpful, her keen eye, her knowledge, her encouragement and her caring personality helped me out tremendously during this time. I hope you will enjoy her instruction as much as I have.



Kathy is an excellent certified pilates instructor. She is able to use her knowledge of anatomy and movement to tailor fitness programs appropriate for clients with different capabilities. I would highly recommend her.

Dr. R. Alvi


Kathy is highly educated and experienced in natural healing therapies and her individual approach to each patient combined with enthusiasm and professionalism would bring you short and long term results you hope for.

Wanda D.