Beauty of Integrated Movement Therapies IMT® and Pilates

Have you ever watched the children play? How graceful and easy they move. They bend, they crawl, they jump with such an ease. Every move comes so natural to them. Children love to imagine they are animals and invent imaginary friends.

Fantasy rules. They do not think if they could do it – they just do it.

Can we? How about us? Can we move freely without pains and aches? Can we stretch like a cat? Or pretend that we are a “Dead Bug” or “Happy Baby” or can we “roll down the spine” with ease? How often do we release tension through breathing?

After days, weeks, and years of sitting at a desk, driving cars, watching TV while sitting on the couch, carrying kids or bags, our bodies start to fall into an easy slump. We start to drop down into ourselves, shrink, and let go of any spring that our spines are capable of holding. Can we even stand feeling the ground under our feet? Are we aware of our posture? When our muscles are in balance, we stand comfortably and upright. When our muscles are more contracted on one side than another, we are pulled in that direction and of course our posture suffers. Our joints are stiff and we are in pain. Furthermore, it could also lead to headaches.

We feel disconnected and out-of-balance. It is not only our physique that suffers but our emotions too. Do you know that our muscles have memory and hold emotions?

To bring the balance back into our bodies, to lubricate our joints, to be aware of our feet being connected to the ground and feel pain-free, we need to do something, to connect to our bodies again, to keep moving in a certain way (how the nature taught us). The answer is Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® and Pilates.

IMT® is a program of exercises with the goal to educate and rehabilitate people to move functionally and freely, and most importantly, without pain.

During IMT® and Pilates exercises, we re-educate our bodies and change the patterns of old movement habits to move harmoniously and with ease, using different movement concepts i.e. dynamic alignment, breath support; centre of weight and weight shift; core support; initiation and sequencing; effort intent; spatial intention;, etc.

A small sample of IMT® benefits:

  • Improve deep core strength, flexibility, balance and endurance
  • Increase range of motion and postural alignment
  • Improve neuromuscular co-ordination
  • Reduce stress and relieve tension, especially in peri- and menopause time
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Promote recovery from strain or injury
  • Improve the way our bodies look and feel

IMT ® is suitable for varying levels of physical ability from couch potatoes to competitive athletes.