Benefits of good posture

Why is it important to have good posture?

Bad vs. good posture

• to keep bones and joints in correct alignment, so muscles are being used functionally,

• to help decrease abnormal wearing of joint surfaces which in turn could prevent arthritis

• to decrease the stress on the ligaments holding together the joints of the spine

• to prevent fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently allowing the body to use less energy

• to prevent backache and muscular pain

• to improve emotional and mental balance

• to contribute to better physical appearance

Adding any exercise that improves your posture will make you more vital and improve your life!


Pilates ‘swimming ‘


This pictures shows Pilates ‘Swimming’ exercise. Swimming is a fun exercise, but it is also quite challenging as it brings every part of the body into play. This exercise is good for core stabilization, upper back extension and hip extension. This is good to improve back strength and those deep abdominal stabilizers. 

Pilates, IMT® and Bowen Technique is the answer to improve your posture! So, don’t wait !