Bowen Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

A study published in the UK showed effective results in treating Frozen Shoulders with Bowen Therapy. After 3 to 6 treatments, participants even those with long-standing conditions showed remarkable improvement. The study involved 20 individuals diagnosed with frozen shoulder, who were treated with Bowen Therapy.
shoulder procedureThe study showed that 70% of participants regained full mobility, equal to the unaffected side, by end of treatment. The other participants showed significant improvement in mobility and function. 80% of participants reported a pain level of 0-2, down from a level of 10. Some reported mild ache but none reported any invasive or intense pain, which they had experienced before having received Bowen Therapy.
In conclusion, participants were very satisfied with the therapy, would like to use it in the future and intend to recommend the therapy to friends and family.

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